Our Aims

Isle of Man Breastcare
The original! with over 18 years experience of supporting the island's breast cancer patients and their families.

Isle of Man Breast Care
aims to give emotional and practical support to breast cancer patients, their families and friends.

We have informal monthly meetings at The Snaefell Surgery, Anagh Coar but are also happy to talk on the phone or make home and hospital visits. Sometimes talking can be the best medicine and ladies that have attended our meetings have said that they are a lifeline at a time when often they don’t want to talk about their illness at home, for fear of worrying family members.

Also if they are experiencing symptoms, physical or emotional, they are free to share them with people who are either going through it too or have been through it all and come out the other end, well and with a new zest for life.

 Guest speakers/demonstrators come to the meetings a few times a year, such as, a homeopathic practitioner, a reflexologist etc. Social evenings are organised every 2 months and we also have a small library of books for people to borrow.

To raise money for the Group we hold ‘Fashion for Life’ every 2 years. This is a Fashion Show/Cabaret night with Clothes supplied by M&S and modelled by Breast Cancer patients, old and new. We raised over £18,000 on the night for the Group in 2015.